The Voice Of The Times

THE VOICE OF THE TIMES Every move of God, and generation that arises, has a sound and a voice. The Voice of God can be heard through the signs He sends, the Spirit of the times, through the sound of the times. And at other times, the voice of God will be heard through chosen

The Sound Of The Times

The Sound of the Times… Whenever the LORD our God is saying something that He wants us to hear, He will release a sound from Heaven, it is the sound of the times. We hear the sound in various ways. through the language that is being spoken by those who are in the Spirit and

The Spirit Of The Times

The Spirit of the times…

We are living in a time in history in which the Holy Spirit is being released more and more. His Spirit is so present in this hour, and more of Him will be released i the Glorious Outpouring. 

When God is doing something new or is about to do something new, He will keep us up to date by releasing His Spirit that speaks concerning the times, those seasons that God has predetermined and their appointed time. When He is moving, His Spirit of His moving will be heard and seen, because He is leading us to the move that He is making. When the times are changing, in other words, when the seasons are changing, He will release His Spirit which speaks of the times that we are shifting to, according to His clock.

He does this so that we may be in tune and in step with Him; and His Spirit is the one who keeps us in tune and in step with God, because the Spirit is of God.